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in Acclaim the lord

in Akeda

in Aleluia

in Amen

in Benedictus

in blessed mary

in Canticle of Daniel

in Canticle of Scharia

in Carmen 63

in Cuarto canto del siervo de yahve

in Day Of Rest

in Evenu Shalom

in Forthelove of my brothers and friends

in Give thanks to the lord

in Glory

in Glory to you Jesus Christ (tiempo de cuaresma)

in Go and Announce

in He has risen

in Heros efrom death

in Holy

in Holy he is Holy

in Holy he is Holy Santo ingles

in Holy holy holy 1983

in How good it is

in I lift up my eyes to the mountains

in I Love you O Lord

in I want to go

in I will blessthe Lord atalltimes

in If the lord do es notbuild the house

in If to day you listen to his voice

in If to day you listen to his voice2

in Improperios

in Iwill bless the lord at all times

in Iwill bless the Lord at all times2

in Llegue hasta tu presencia mi clamor signor

in Look Howitis Good

in Lord listen my pray

in Maranatha

in Mary Blessed Mary

in Mery Mother of Jesus verg. della mer

in Mother Mother City of God

in Plegaria eucaristica

in Plegary Eucharist 2

in Plegary Eucharist and holy sabaoth

in Praise jesus shcrist

in Pregon pascual 1

in Pregon pascual

in Remerberus

in Salm 23 The Lord is my sheperd

in Salm 1 Happy the man

in Salm 23 The Lord is my sheperd

in Salm 150

in Santo

in Sermon de la montana

in Servent of Yahweh

in Shalom

in Shout for joy

in Shout with joy

in Song of balaan

in Song of moses

in Take Me To Heaven

in Tedeum

in Tell me Then

in The foolish one thinks there is no God

in The glorious cross

in The Same God

in Toward him we turn our face

in Who will separate us 1

in Who will separate us 2

in Who will separate us 3

in Yahweh you aremy god

in Yo vengo a reunir

in You Are Handsome

in You stole my heart mi rubasti

in You will show me the path

in You will Show me the Path of Life